things what i have found a melange of excerpta by the egregious sdmtr, a disaffected malcontent
Sly ware.

Nine thumps.

Love to ruin.

Nay, I repent it.               

Paradise lost,
Reap sad toils.
French Revolution,
Violence run forth.

moon starers,

Best in prayer.

Old England,
Golden land.

Paradise regained,
Dead respire again.

A selection of anagrams from Literary frivolities, fancies, follies and frolics (1880)

As I walked by myself I talked to myself,
    And thus myself said to me,
Look to thyself and take care of thyself,
    For nobody cares for thee.
So I turned to myself, and I answered myself,
    In the self-same reverie,
Look to myself or look not to myself,
    The self-same thing will it be.

This bit of nonsense was published in The Real Mother Goose (1916), a well-known collection of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, but appears to have an older and slightly more sinister provenance: the gravestone of a man buried in Homersfield, Suffolk, in 1810.