things what i have found a melange of excerpta by the egregious sdmtr, a disaffected malcontent

Ladies and gentlemen, what you see here is an account of the world’s first freestyle battle rap.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you see here is an account of the world’s first freestyle battle rap.

And must I wholly banish hence
    These red and golden juices,
And pay my vows to Abstinence,
    That pallidest of Muses?

— William Watson, To a Maiden who bade me shun Wine.

A palindrome addressed to a young man detained in Rome by a love affair—

Roma ibi tibi sedes ibi tibi Amor;
Roma etsi te terret et iste Amor, 
Ibi etsi vis te non esse sed es ibi, 
Roma te tenet et Amor. 

At Rome you live at Rome you love; 
From Rome that love may you affright,
Although you’d leave, you never move, 
For love and Rome both bar your flight.


Stonewall Jackson, the great strategist of the Confederacy and archetypical Southern Gentleman, collected a series of maxims throughout his life and kept them in a small book for his own use. The book disappeared after his death in 1863, and it was over a century before it was rediscovered and published by historian James Robertson in Stonewall Jackson’s Book of Maxims.

  • Ascertain in your conversation as well as you can wherein the skill & excellence of the individual lies & put him upon his favorite subject. Every person will of his own accord fall to talking on his favorite subject or topic if you will follow and not attempt to lead him.
  • If you seek to improve in the greatest degree from the conversation of another, allow him to take his own course. If called upon, converse in turn upon your favorite topic.
  • Never interrupt another but hear him out. There are certain individuals from whom little information is to be desired such as use wanton, obscene or profane language.
  • If you speak in company, speak late.
  • Let your words be as few as will express the sense you wish to convey & above all let what you say be true.
  • Do not suffer your feelings to betray you into too much vehemence or earnestness or to being overbearing.
  • Avoid triumphing over an antagonist.
  • Never engross the whole conversation to yourself.
  • Sit or stand still while another is speaking to you. [Do]not dig in the earth with your foot nor take your knife from your pocket & pare your nales nor other such action.
  • Never anticipate for another to help him out. It is time enough for you to make corrections after he has concluded, if any are necessary. It is impolite to interrupt another in his remarks.
  • Say as little of yourself & friends as possible.
  • Make it a rule never to accuse without due consideration any body or association of men.
  • Never try to appear more wise or learned than the rest of the company. Not that you should affect ignorance, but endeavor to remain within your own proper sphere.
  • Let ease & gracefulness be the standard by which you form your estimation (taken from etiquett).

People aren’t born with their personality intact or their character defined. We may be hewn from the rock of our cultures, but through introspection we refine who we hope to be.

Tau Day is coming and I’m so unprepared.

Captain Beefheart knew exactly what he was and what he was doing.

All the shades of green

All the shades of green

Jah Wobble is peculiar

That robot does a pretty good robot.